Why Mashroo

At Mashroo we believe that originality is the most important aspect of art, and thus we invest a whole lot of a time in creating our own unique designs and bringing our sketches to plan.

Our aim is to bring the best products to our customers at justifiable prices, and thus we choose nothing but the best quality of imported fabrics, from Korean Nida to Baghdadi Silk and D’decor to Dry-fit fabrics.

Accessories are a supplementary to the fabric and are used to complete the look of a garment. Whether it be using the world renowned YKK zippers, the durable spade poly threads or pure brass snap buttons, we ensure the usage of the best quality of accessories in all our products.

Each one of our customer is special to us and has unique needs, and thus to meet the customised needs of all our customers and provide them with above market standard products we make sure that all of our products are crafted under our own surveillance.

Measuring Garment Dimensions, Specifying tolerances for garment dimensions, Physical tests of buttons, zippers and other accessories, pull test, fatigue test, stretch test, label verification and packaging inspection... each product goes through a series of quality checks before hitting our stores.

“Sales go up and down, service stays forever”, we practice and preach this metaphor! To give all our customers a good shopping experience is as important to us as making a good product.