When it comes to fashion dresses, the very first thought coming to mind is Women’s dresses. But the trend is changing rapidly. Now Men’s dresses are also advertised on a large scale online. The Islamic men clothing is no exception. There is a common myth prevailing that normally Muslim Men wear long robes only. This is true only partly. The Islamic clothing for men, worn in Arabic and African countries falls in this classification and can match this description though. But in all other countries, in India and abroad, Muslim men evince great interest in wearing the most trendy, modern and stylish clothes – of course without crossing the religious fervor. Their desire is met fully and conclusively by online Muslim dress stores. Here are some more details and guidance for Muslim men in this regard.

Popular Muslim Men’s Clothing: If you visit the online outlets that sell Muslim women’s modest dresses, there are separate sections filled with eye-catching Islamic men clothing varieties also. The attires are fabulous and designed by experts highly familiar with contemporary trends and thats what we call Thobe. A “Thobe” is traditional Arabian clothing (also spelt as Thawb or Thaub). The Arabic word Thawb means “garment”. The sleeves and neck are designed to wear conveniently by men folk. It is ankle-length tunic or outerwear. White is the traditional color, but trendy fashion Thobes are designed in an array of colors, to suit the taste of the wearer.


Favorable factor about these two Islamic clothing for men is they are versatile and can be worn on any occasion.For celebrations, functions, and parties you can pick somewhat flashy looking fabrics; cotton Arabian Thobe for comfortable wearing; V neck linen Thobe for casual appearances; or long-sleeve black Saudi Arab Thobe for religious gathering and meeting other friends etc. Scrutinize India's very first Modest Clothing Brand MASHROO  where you'll find different varieties of Thobes starring Classic to Comfortable. Also check the collection of Abaya recently launched.