While primarily associated with Islam and the requirement of Muslim women to cover up, modest fashion can be seen throughout many different time periods. Fast forward to the 21st century. Mashroo describes modest fashion as "a struggle to find a mediation between traditional modesty and blending into the crowd". Modest clothing and fashion fusion have aim that no one should have to sacrifice their beliefs in order to be stylish and feel confident and beautiful and if we can dress stylishly and modestly at the same time then that’s a huge win

The modest fashion industry is growing so much because businesses are realizing how massive and widespread it is, considering that the majority of women can take part in modest fashion.  Now modest fashion has been endorsed by Mashroo Store, launching their own exclusive modest fashion lines and embracing modest styles in many of their collections 

Over the last few years, the fashion industry has noticeably improved its cultural diversity, with models. As a result, for many Muslim women, dressing modestly has become a creative form of self-expression where they can explore current fashion trends and mound them to create a more modest look with Islamic clothing.